Data Science

Data Scientist



Who are we looking for?

We are looking for Data Scientist who can leverage data and develop models to improve how our product operates and how we serve our customers. As a data scientist, you will be developing and deploying predictive models to support the organization across a range of areas including market signals, fraud detection, business intelligence and data visualization. You will develop data products for the new age digital assets’ ecosystem like crypto, NFT etc., for internal and external consumption.

Skills and requirements

  • Fluency in the data science tech stack, including Python (pandas, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, scikit-learn) for data science/machine learning, analytics/visualisation/BI tools and SQL.

  • Experience with data engineering concepts, ETL pipelines and Cloud Platforms like AWS / GCP.

  • Strong understanding of probability, statistics and machine learning algorithms. A passion for financial markets and digital assets like crypto.


1 to 3 years


B.E. / B.Tech / BCA / MCA / B.Sc / M.Sc

If interested in one of the following roles, please send your resume/CV to Please include “APPLICATION” in the subject and also write 500 words on why you can help advance Jlabs Digital.